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Payment methods

We accept all major debit and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other payments methods . During the checkout process, the supported payment methods are displayed on screen.

We may change the payment methods at any time but this will not affect any existing order. The availability of a certain payment method may depend on your geographical location.

Please note that the price of merchandise can be pre-set in your local currency and is calculated according to the applicable exchange rate at the time you place your order. 


We take security seriously. Our partner Global-e is taking care of your payment on our website and ensure your security by offering you safe and reliable payment methods. The confidentiality and security of your payments is guaranteed thanks to the SSL system (Secure Socket Layer), allowing a safe exchange of information on the Internet. Learn more about our main payment methods:


When you pay by debit or credit card, you will be required to provide your card number, the expiration date and security code. Your payment details are automatically encrypted and verified in order to avoid any kind of fraud or abuse. None of your information is clearly visible on the Internet.

In the event of a fraudulent use of your credit/debit card, you are advised to, as soon as you learn of such a fraud, call the Customer Service.

Please note that, in order to avoid any risk of fraud, you will not be asked to provide any of your bank information by email.


  • The checkout pages are provided by our partner Global-e. Global-e will acknowledge orders placed and confirm whether they are accepted by sending you an email which will contain the relevant details of your order. When you place your order, Global-e will only authorize the applicable amounts, and you will be charged these amounts only after the merchandise you have ordered has been received and processed by Global-e. Please note that we charge the full order amount even if the order is dispatched in parts.
  • Global-e makes the appropriate efforts to process and fulfil any order you place through the service as quickly as possible. However, we may, upon notice to you, decline to accept your order if:
    - The Merchandise you selected is unavailable. In this case, if the payment was processed, we will refund you.
    - Global-e is unable to verify the payment information you provided.

If you require any further information , please do not hesitate to contact us.